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Guy Drake performed and wrote as part of church retreats, choirs, and Sunday services, and stayed far out of the limelight after Johnson & Drake ceased touring in the mid seventies. 


A series of debilitating surgeries in the late eighties and early nineties, including four reconstructive surgeries to his right and left hands, resulted in an extended period when he was unable to play the guitar without experiencing days of pain afterwards.


He devoted himself to the field of adult education, retiring after 40 years with a leading worldwide training and development firm. At the same time he coordinated prison ministries, homeless advocacy, and free dinners for the community. Eventually he participated more and more in seminary classes until he was ordained in the Episcopal



Today The Rev. Guy Drake is on the staff at an Episcopal Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota and a Hospice Chaplain at a large adult living community in Bloomington, Minnesota.  He is also very busy writing and recording new songs with Tom Johnson!

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