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Samsung TV Commercial + Hello New Day 

Hello New Day, Song by Johnson & Drake was used in this 2017 Samsung TV commercial "Mannequin"  Once this commercial aired, it was a subtle nudge for Johnson and Drake to revisit their music archives and bring their music from records to digital streaming. This allows their music to be enjoyed by all generations, those who followed the band through the 70s and 80s and those who love the music today. 


Samsung TV Commercial, 'Mannequin' Song by Johnson & Drake

It's the New Year and this man is trying to get in shape. As he's running down a rainy street at night, he glances in a storefront window and sees a muscular mannequin staring back at him. The mannequin's rippling abs are visible through his tight workout shirt, emphasizing his hard plastic six pack. Somehow, an inanimate object's body is all the motivation this guy needs --he turns up his mile goal on his Samsung Gear Fit2 and keeps on running. For a limited time, customers that purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will receive a free Gear Fit2.

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